Box Review, Lust Have it Eco

 Lust Have It Eco Summer Box 

Contents; Naobay Calming Facial Toner, Nvey Eco Pro Studio Primer, Three Warriors Gradual Tan, Divine Naturally Bronze Gradual Tan, The cosmetics Kitchen Wake Up Body Scrub & Essenza  Fuss Free Naturals Masquerade Sheet Mask.

This was my first LHI Eco Box and I was blown away by the contents. The combination of products is thoughtful and each one was exciting to try in its own way. This is a quick first impression and review of the products and overall thoughts below.

naobay-toner1. Naobay Calming Face Toner 

Full size 200ml           RRP $18.oo

My eyes were recently opened to the wonders of a good cleansing water when I was thoughtfully given a bottle of Avene Micellar Water. Since then I have been looking for a natural version that can live up to and replace this amazing product. Naturally I was eager to try this!

Scent There is very little smell to this product and at most smells slightly of fresh aloe vera
Texture  That of  water
Packaging I really like the packaging and found the lid sturdy. It is quite neat looking and the bottle itself is ever so slightly textured.
Application With a cotton or clean face cloth.
Results Removed all makeup and dirt on a no make-up day with no residue. Skin feels fresh & clean.

Overall This product feels wonderful on the skin and is very light.  Due to the ingredients, i would have no issues using this daily. I did have to use a little more product than when using the Avene, so perhaps if you are an everyday wearer of makeup, this may not be the wisest investment, though for daily general use  I have found it wonderful.

nvey-primer2. Nvey Eco Pro Studio Primer

Full Size 50ml          RRP $49.95

I was so excited to receive this as the Inika Primer received some time ago through LHI was

I was so excited to receive this as the Inika Primer received some time ago through LHI was finally starting to run out. I have been keen to see if there are any natural alternatives that can meet what Inika has brought me to expect. (Ingredients list here)

Scent The smell is somewhat earthy, faintly like clay. It is not exactly pleasant, but also not strongly offputting.
Texture This primer is very watery by design, and might take some getting used to coming from a creamier primer.
Packaging Flip top tube made of sturdy matte plastic.
Application I found the application took some time to master.
Results I like the application and do think it manages to blur and mattify without feeling heavy. The staying power is that of the Iniki primer IMO.

Overall As this was the main attraction for me with this box, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by the texture, and was almost put off completely, however, since playing around with this one and learning the right amount, it has grown on me so far.

three-warriros3.Three Warriors Gradual Tan

Deluxe Sample 30G        RRP $34.95 for 150ml

I have always been wary of self-tans due to the smell and fear of turning orange, so when I first received this I was not excited exactly, but definitely willing to give it a try based on the ingredients and background of the company. I was very pleasantly surprised compared to my last experience with Sukins natural gradual tan.

Scent – A little bit like your usual self-tan but with a hint of what I smell as a honey like sweetness. The scent does not linger strongly and is not too strong.
Texture– I would say Creme, it is not as watery as some I have tried and it absorbs very, very nicely.
Packaging Screw top tube made of matte plastic.
Application This self-tan stands out to me for how creamy it feels and how easily it is absorbed.
Results I found this to come out as the most natural and looking tan I have come across.

Overall  I personally like the scent and love the texture and natural but deep results, Overall I would recommend giving this wonderful product a try on your next purchase!

untitled-34. Evelyn Iona Organic Concealer

Deluxe 1.7g           RRP 3g $31

I was extremely excited to receive this product, as trying to find a good concealer, in general, can be a task, let alone a  natural and organic one! I have to admit this also surpassed any expectations I had!

Scent – Strangely I would say it has a light scent slightly like cheap foundation, but not unpleasant and nasty.
Texture– Pleasantly creamy and well combined.
Packaging– Thick plastic screw top. Perfect travel size.
ApplicationHighly pigments and quick setting, you don’t need much at all for under eyes and spot coverage.
ResultsHIghly pigments and quick setting & blends seamlessly both under and over foundation.

OverallI LOVE this concealer and will buying another before I run out. I have always been wary of ingredients in eye products and am excited and relieved to have found a product that delivers on performance as well as ingredients.

divine-tanning5.The Divine Company  Naturally Bronze

Full Size 150ml         RRP $34.95.

I was looking forward to trying this product and hoping to like it as it is a full-size version. I am happy with this product as a natural alternative and think it will last quite some time.

Scent The scent of this self-tan is quite fresh and natural, less like the usual smell. I like it personally.
Texture I found this quite runny but workable.
PackagingNice and soft plastic flip top tube.Recyclable.
Application- This feels nice when applied and would liken it to a more watery body moisturiser. Skin feels soft and smooth.
Results The results of this tanner are closer to what you would expect from most other gradual tanners. For me, the tan appeared slightly more orange and less brown.

OverallThis is a pleasant self-tanner and I would not have any issues using this in the future, it is only in comparison that I did personally prefer the consistency and results of the Three Warriors tan. I found that this one looked a little less natural, required more product, and did not absorb as well, however, the smell is pleasant and I would use it again.

dry-scrub 6.The Cosmetics Kitchen Wake Up DryScrub

Full-Size 60g        RRP $29.95

I have liked everything from The Cosmetics Kitchen so far and always find their products interesting. I had received this scrub previously and enjoyed it and was looking forward to reviewing it this time around.

ScentVery rich smell of coffee and cocoa, not overly strong.
Texture- Rough but fine, it is a body scrub! This is messy one at that.
PackagingAs shown, plastic recyclable bag. will need to placed into a jar or container once opened.
ApplicationMessy! apply dry in a circular motion.
ResultsI noticed a big difference in the texture and clarity of my skin after this scrub.

OverallI do like this company, and the scrub itself but find the overall mess a little offputting. I think someone who prefers a dry scrub would adore this one.

ff-26.Essenza Fuss Free Naturals Masquerade Sheet Mask.

Full size 30g = 1 mask    RRP $4.95

I like everything I have tried from Essenza and was originally introduced via Lust Have It. They are my favourite face wipes (I’ve tried them all) and I really appreciate the company itself. All of the products are high quality but low prices, though the range is small, everything they have is well done. I love that these products have no harmful ingredients( See here).

ScentThis actually smells slightly like cherry blossom to me. It is very light and pleasant.
TextureSlimy, but not unpleasantly! These are saturated!
Packaging– Plastic throw away sachet.
ApplicationI find these some of the easiest sheet masks to use. I find them to be less messy compared to regular masks.
ResultsMy skin is always so much softer and brighter after these masks. My favourite is to put them in the fridge during summer til cold and wear to refresh.

Overall– I adore this brand and the previous masks and think this is a fun addition. Very easy to use and wonderful glowing skin afterwards.


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