Lust Have it Eco, Product Review

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Masquerade Sheet Mask – RRP $4.95 = 1 mask

I like everything I have tried from Essenzza and was originally introduced via Lust Have It. They are my favorite face wipes and I really appreciate the company itself. All of the products are high quality but low prices, though the range is small, everything they have is well done. I love that these products have no harmful ingredients (See here).

ff-2ScentThis actually smells slightly like cherry blossom to me. It is very light and pleasant.
TextureSlimy, but not unpleasantly! These are saturated!
Packaging– Plastic throw away sachet.
ApplicationI find these some of the easiest sheet masks to use. I find them to be less messy compared to regular masks.
ResultsMy skin is always so much softer and brighter after these masks. My favorite is to put them in the fridge during summer til cold and wear to refresh.

Overall– I adore these masks as they are in all of their varieties and think this is a fun addition. Very easy to use and wonderful glowing skin afterwards.

These masks are great value and are an easy but wonderful experience. The ingredients are kept pure, and the results speak for themselves. Keep an eye out for some new additions to this range soon! You can check out the full range of Fuss Free Products here.


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