Product Review

Naobay Calming Face Toner – RRP $18.oo 200ml

My eyes were recently opened to the wonders of a good cleansing water when I was thoughtfully given a bottle of Avene Micellar Water. Since then I have been looking for a natural version that can live up to and replace this amazing product.

There is very little smell to this product and at most smells slightly of fresh aloe vera. is no lingering smell and it is overall pleasant and light.
Texture  That of water.Frealz.
Packaging I really like the packaging and found the lid sturdy. It is quite neat looking and the bottle itself is ever so slightly textured.
Application With a cotton or clean face cloth. I found that a fair but not ridiculous amount of product was needed to really get everything.
Results Removed all makeup and dirt on a no make-up day with no residue, those as stated does take a little more application than others. Skin feels fresh & clean.

Overall This product feels wonderful on the skin and is very light.  Due to the ingredients, I would have no issues using this daily. I did have to use a little more product than when using the Avene, so perhaps if you are an everyday wearer of heavy makeup, this may not be the wisest investment, though for daily general use  I have found it wonderful and the price difference is not that significant when compared price to size.

This product has really grown on me the more I use it and I have started to look forward to the fresh feeling each morning and night. This is a one I think I will be repurchasing.  The range is small but specific and I really do love the minimalistic approach to the packaging and ingredients. Take a look for yourself here.


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