Lust Have it Eco, Product Review

Nvey Eco Pro Studio Primer – RRP $49.95 50ml

I was so excited to receive this as I had been looking at Nvey Eco for a while due their purity, and the Inika Primer received some time ago through LHI was finally starting to run out. I have been keen to see if there are any natural alternatives that can meet what Inika has brought me to expect. I was surprised by the beautiful base it gave for foundation.  (Ingredients list here)

nvey-primerScent The smell is somewhat earthy, faintly like clay. It is not exactly pleasant, but also not strongly offputting.
Texture This primer is very watery by design, and might take some getting used to coming from a creamier primer.
Packaging Flip top tube made of sturdy matte plastic.
Application I found the application took some time to master.
Results I like the application and do think it manages to blur and mattify without feeling heavy. The staying power is that of the Inika primer IMO. I think this size would last some time as you do not need much to cover the whole face. Once you are used to the consistency it is very workable.

Overall As this was the main attraction for me with this box, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by the texture, and was almost put off completely, however, since playing around with this one and learning the right amount, it has grown on me so far.

Nvey products are Free of Talc, Paraben, Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Propylene Glycol & GMO’s, Petroleum & Nanotechnology Based Ingredients and are not tested on animals. You can see the Primer & more of their products here.


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