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The Cosmetics Kitchen Wake Up Dry Scrub RRP $29.95 60g

 Can you ever have too many scrubs? I don’t think so! So far I have enjoyed everything from The Cosmetics Kitchen and always find their products interesting, my favourite by far has been their Macadamia highlighter. I had received this scrub previously and enjoyed it and was looking forward to reviewing it this time around. I had previously commented that I enjoy this scrub but find it a bit messy for weekly use.It was suggested to me that I try adding either some coconut oil or avocado, and I was blown away by the results! Ingredients can be found here.

body-scrub-1body-scrb-2Scent -Very rich smell of coffee and cocoa, not overly strong.
Texture– Rough but fine granules, it is a body scrub! This scrub can be messy dry, but when mixed with some coconut oil it is so easy to work with and moisturizing at the same time
PackagingAs shown, plastic recyclable bag, which I think is thoughtful. This scrub will need to placed into a jar or container once opened.
ApplicationMessy if applied dry but I would highly recommend adding some coconut oil to your preferred consistency and using it that way.
Results–   Amazing! With the added coconut oil this makes the perfect pre-shave scrub because it leaves your skin exfoliated and works like a shaving oil once the scrub is rinsed off. My skin was so seriously silky smooth after this scrub, and I noticed a big difference in the clarity of my skin.  Again, would recommend the coconut oil as the perfect combo for this scrub.

OverallI cannot recommend this scrub enough as a pre-shave or pre-tan scrub. My skin has not been this smooth since my last beach visit. I previously noted that the mess of this being a dry scrub was slightly off-putting, if my words were as delicious as this scrub, I would be eating them now! If you are looking for a natural scrub that can be used both dry and combined for your standard wet scrub, look no further!

These guys have more products than you could imagine and are currently have a massive sale. Check it out here.


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