Product Review

The Divine Company  Naturally Bronze – RRP $34.95 150ml

I was looking forward to trying this product and hoping to like it as it is a full-size version. I am happy with this product as a natural alternative and think it will last quite some time. The ingredients are high quality and good for your skin for a guilt free tan all year around.

divine-tanningScent The scent of this self-tan is quite fresh and natural, less like the usual smell. I like it personally.
Texture I found this quite fluid but workable.
PackagingNice and soft plastic flip top tube.Recyclable.
Application– This feels nice when applied and would liken it to a more watery body moisturiser. Skin feels soft and smooth.
Results The results of this tanner are closer to what you would expect from most other gradual tanners. For me, this self-tan would take a few applications to reach a rich natural looking colour.

OverallThis is a pleasant self-tanner and I would not have any issues using this in the future, it is only in comparison that I did personally prefer the consistency and results of the Three Warriors tan. I found that this one looked a little less natural, required more product, and did not absorb as well, however, the smell is pleasant and I will be using it again with varied approaches, stay tuned!

The Divine Company is one that I intend to follow closely, I appreciate their philosophy and approach to organic skin care deeply. I would encourage you to check out some of their products here.


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