Lust Have it Eco, Product Review

Three Warriors Gradual Tan – RRP $34.95 for 150ml

 I had always been wary of self-tans due to the smell and fear of turning orange, so when I first received this gradual tan from Three Warriors, I was not exactly excited, but definitely willing to give it a try based on the ingredients and background of the company. I was very pleasantly surprised compared to my last experience with Sukins natural gradual tan.This is a Daily Gradual tan.

three-warrirosScent – A little bit like your usual self-tan but with a hint of what I would guess is the Manuka honey. The scent does not linger strongly at all.
Texture– I would say this is more of a Creme, it is not as watery as some I have tried and it absorbs very, very nicely.
Packaging Screw top tube made of matte plastic.
Application This self-tan moustiriser stands out to me for how creamy it feels and how easily and evenly it is absorbed.
Results I found this to come out as the most natural and looking deep tan I have come across. I would suggest that this product is suitable for all skin types due to the natural ingredients.

Overall This is designed as a daily solution, but I would suggest it as more of a one application gradual tan that is great for beginners, like me. It leaves a deep, rich natural looking even tone even on pale skin types. I would suggest this is more of a matte looking result in comparison to TDC. I would give this product a go if you have struggled to find the right tone previously and are not a pro at application, as it has high results for a daily on light tones but is quickly buildable for results comparable to a one-off instant tan without the risk of patchy results.

Certified organic, toxic &cruelty free, these products are made with
rare and powerful healing ingredients sourced from Tasmania. Be sure to check out the full range of Three Warriors products here.


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