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Marsk Organic Eyeliner – Pitch Black – RRP $28.95

 I know some people will often complain about receiving black eyeliner constantly in sub boxes, which I can understand in the sense that you may not be trying a new product, but I personally have loved every time I received an organic eyeliner. For one, when will you not need black eyeliner? Secondly, These are not as cheap as your standard lesser quality, and I appreciate a good quality & good for you alternative anytime. Ingredients here.


ScentI almost didn’t include this, but compared to the other liners from Marsk, this one does have a slight crayon like but not wholly unpleasant smell
Texture– ohh so creamy! Goes on smooth and even.
PackagingClean and simple standard wooden eyeliner pencil. Not sure if sustainable sources but will follow up directly and update.
ApplicationThis eyeliner goes on smoothly and is well pigmented. Once is enough and the staying power is very good!
Results–  To the right, you can see it lasted through a shower, without directly washing the area, which is more than you will find with most eyeliners, organic or not!

Overall– This is honestly my favourite organic eyeliner, with Inika a close second, due to its consistency, staying power and ingredients. I personally like that it is so blendable, though I know this aspect may not appeal to everyone.  I would recommend this eyeliner if you are after an organic alternative that can meet your current brand, minus the nasties.

Certified Organic & Strictly Cruelty-Free. Talc, paraben, fragrance and GM free, you can find the eyeliner and full range here.


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