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5 simple steps to transition your beauty routine

I first started looking into natural make-up over 5 years ago, and found myself frustrated many times at the products, money and time I wasted trying to find the best way to clean out my old products and replace them. I did this more than 3 times over again, so I have decided to put together some of what I have learned into these 5 steps:

Step 1

Take note of what products you are using every day or rely on most often and work from there. These will have the largest impact on what you are absorbing on a daily basis and i would recommend looking for alternatives to these first. I still turn to my nasty commercial brand of foundation for important occasions because I know it will last.All Day.

Step 2

Consider why you originally brought this product, and what made you decide to stay with it as your main choice. Consider what elements you find most important and will not compromise on. Consider the price range you are willing to set and which items you are willing to spend more on long-term.

Step 3

Start to research, before your go-to runs out and you are left desperate for anything! With the above factors in mind look for a brand that suits your requirements for ingredients, quality, philosophy etc. Whatever is important to you, find out as much as you can either online or message them directly.

Step 4

Try them, where possible in store, but as this is generally not the case with organic products, look for sample sachet offers either free or with purchase. Keep this in mind if there is an item you want to try by that brand and mention it to them at the checkout option. Sub boxes can be a good place, but not if you require a specific product.

Step 5

Speak up! Let people know what you are doing and why. This will help you stick to your decision and you may find out about some awesome products through your friends, as well some to avoid. You will likely not have a brand new perfect makeup kit overnight, or weeks even, but after awhile you will know what does and does not work for you, and new products will keep coming out for you to try.

Personally, I have found that this is a journey, one that has been frustrating and expensive, but essentially priceless. I hope that you will come to find joy in discovering new products and companies you love, as well as the knowledge that you are helping contribute to a better world through your direct actions.

I hope this guide has been helpful for you, If you have any comments or suggestions at all, please just let me know!

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