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Three Warriors Vs The Divine Company – Gradual Tan – Both RRP $34.95 for 150ml

After trying both of these products separately, I knew I had to do a comparison and I am so glad that I did. These products really showed their own strengths when compared to each other. I have highlighted the key differences that may help you choose between these two  organic options and included photos below. There are some differences relating to Vegan and Gluten Free, and these may be essential elements for you. Please keep in mind that the Three Warriors Gradual Tan is designed for daily use and The Dive Company as a 1-2 application tan. As i am pale and have avoided fake tan, The results of Three Warriors was much greater than it would be on med-dark tones.

First up, Allergies and preferences. This is important in my experience, if a product doesn’t meet your initial requirements, it doesn’t matter how amazing it is. I have made a quick chart below for quick reference, please let me know if i have missed anything that you consider a key factor in your decision and i will look into ir further for you :). Gives back refers to giving back to the community in some form. Three warriors is associated with Wello Water and The Divine Company with Mindd.


Three Warriors
The Divine Company


Sweet,fresh & zesty.Not strong or lingering.
Deep, clean and natural.Not strong or lingering.


Creamy and thick. Absorbs quickly and spreads well.
Light and fluid, thickens slightly while rubbing in and spreads well.Requires more care for even results.


This tan is so creamy and luxurious to apply, it is still my favorite in terms of how quickly and evenly it absorbs. I think this is best for begginers as it is easier to apply and can get you from snowqueen to beach ready in 1-2 apps.
I found this to work up a little as you work it in, which does allow for you to get more out of the product than you may first think. I think this one takes a little more practice, but it’s well worth it. This products spreads very evenly once you get used to the texture and absorption.


I am unable to provide a full list of ingredients but will update as soon as this info is provided. Certified Organic and Tasmanian Sourced.
84.42% Certified Organic ingredients and uses many raw materials, which stood out to me a lot. Full list available here


Screw top tube made of matte plastic.
Nice and soft plastic flip top tube.Recyclable.



This is designed as a daily solution, but I would suggest it as more of a one application gradual tan that is great for beginners, like me. It leaves a deep, rich natural looking even tone even on pale skin types. I would suggest this is more of a matte looking result in comparison to TDC. As you can see, I was able to use this formula on an area that I have affected by eczema, and there were no issues with this at all.


Example of eczema.


This tan offers a natural looking glow. The formula gives a slight healthy sheen to your skin that really makes the color stand out. I would highly recommend this for all year round to add to or touch up for a natural look. In comparison i would consider this to be luminous and glowing, as opposed to matte. It is a beautiful, natural looking result that would fit anytime of year.


Price – RRP $34.95 for 150ml

Both of the Tans are equally priced and at equal volume, which brings them to somewhat of a stalemate here. I would suggest so far that both products, though different textures and uses, would be in equal in dollar value for the applications you would get.


It really comes down to these being two very different tans catering to two different needs. Three warriors is best if you are looking for bronzed goddess results with little risk for pale skin, though will work as the gradual tan it is designed for on others, however The Divine Company really shines through in your everyday authentic looking tan because it is lighter in texture, has a natural glow and lends itself to buildable but well-developed applications that will work year round. I have used two applications as advised on the package for Divine and two for Three Warriors.  The difference lies in the base tones and how they will work best on your skin. Mine works best with three warriors so the results are more natural and rich despite The Divine Company developing with more intensity.

After taking the time to compare both of these options, I would suggest that for me, they both have a place for different reasons. In a hurry or for an event, I would turn to Three Warriors as it is easier to apply and has less risk vs result. To pick up or add to my color year round, I would turn to The Divine Company as it is so natural looking and buildable in few applications. I appreciate a good moisturiser, but i am not one to use a daily tanning product, which is why i have reviewed Three Warriors as a touch up option. I will look to add a further review of their Self Tan Mousse as a better comparison for The Divine Company.

As both of these companies contain only natural and organic ingredients it would really come down to the results that you are looking to achieve, the texture you prefer and the ingredients that work best for you.

You can have a look for yourself at both companies here:
Three Warriors

The Divine Company


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