Product Review

Marsk Eyeshadow -Vanilla Frosting

I thought I might as well review the last Marsk product I have come to love in my current collection, and how could you not with the name Vanilla frosting!  I generally avoid loose powder eyeshdows no matter how beautiful they are because they always remained adored but untouched, but this one has not. It was difficult for me to capture how gorgeous this is for a white shadow, but I have tried! Ingredients here.

Vanilla Frosting close up marskMarsk Sparkle Vanilla Icing ShadowScent – None again, almost wish it did!

Texture– Creamy soft

Packaging–Plastic tub with screw top lid, 1.2g.

Application– I generally just use this as a
illuminator/highlighter for inner eyes and brow arches either with my finger tips or a blending shadow brush.

Marsk swatch Vanilla Frosting wet dryResults–  This shadow can be applied wet or dry, and results vary accordingly. This eyeshadow is not as messy as most and is easy to blend out on its own and with other colours. The colour when applied wet is much more intense, as you can see to the left.  This product lasts well once applied and doses not crease.

– I truly love this eyeshadow, it reminds me of fairy dust! There are hints of purple, gold and green sparkle that you can only just pick up in the right light, but make the results mesmerising! I would recommend this eye shadow as it is high quality, very blendable and versatile and will last a while despite what seems like a small package. I have included a photo to the Marsk Snowflake Vanilla frosting swatchright to show the contrast between the pencil and the shadow (applied dry).

Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free. Talc, paraben, fragrance and GM free, you can find this eyeshadow and the full range here ($24.95) for Australian readers and here  ($22.50) for the rest of the range for all US, Europe and Canadian readers.

I was not able to really show how the colours sparkle due to my camera quality, so I apologise for this but have done my best, and will include a higher quality picture in the future, along with further products from the Marsk Range.Please let me know if there is anything specific from their range you are wondering about, and I will try pick it up and get all the info I can for you.


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