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Lust Have It Spring Eco Box


This was my second LHI Eco Box. The value for this box is crazy good. All of the products are full sized except the Dr Bronners which is 118ml and very reasonable trial size.  This is a quick first impression and review of the products and overall thoughts below. This review is late due to processing on my end and the public Holiday, I apologise for this as the intent is for you to see what’s in these asap!

Naobay-orange-juice-hande-cream1. Naobay Orange Juice Hand Cream

     Full-size 100ml   RRP $19

So excited to see this in the box this morning! Hand cream isn’t my thing but this one is perfectly on point for me. Ingredients here.

Scent It genuinely smells like fresh orange juice.
Texture  creamy, light and soft
Packaging –  sturdy matt plastic and strong wooden lid with a lastic insert. I would be comfortable keeping this in my handbag.
Application a small squeeze is enough for your hands and nails. This is super light and absorbs quickly, not oily or any residue.naobay-hand-cream-swatch
Results  Legits softer straight away, but will do a proper review later.

OverallLove it on fist impressions. The scent is fresh and minimal, not girly , heavy or floral like most. Your hands are not left with any oily residue or weird layer. I am excited to keep trying this and will do a full review later. Hand creams are really not my thing, but this one is so nice.

Dr Bronner's Peppermint Hemp oil 18 in 12. Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap
18 in 1 hemp Peppermint 

118ml      Full size  946ml  RRP $28.95

I had actually been looking to try this in an effort to minimalize all products, so again, excited to see this in there! I would not have picked peppermint but it’s actually really nice and would suit cleaning.

Scent Peppermint! Just like peppermint oil or a peppermint creme. Yummm.
Texture  It is more watery than I expected but I was not familiar with it at all.
PackagingSturdy clear plastic bottle with flip cap.
Application So I actually added the included card for this here  because there are so many! I used it quickly this morning in my shower with the coca scrub and it was delicious.
Results  I will get back to you on this with make up brushes.

OverallPretty excited to try this and see if it is as good as I am hoping! It’s not exactly beauty related in my opinion but it is something I personally am glad to receive and try.

3. Marsk Organic Eyeliner – Morning Coffee

Full Size – $28.95Marsk Organic Eyeliner Morning CoffeeMarsk-morning-coffee-swatch

Scent A bit like plastic but this may be the lid.
Texture  Not as creamy as the previous by still smooth.
Packaging Clean and simple standard wooden pencil.
ApplicationWell pigmented and creamy
Results A deep brown that is both buildable and blendable.

Overall Love this on first swatch and am looking forward to doing a full review!

Burts bees lipstick Sude Splash
4. Burt’s Bee’s Natural 100% lipstick 

Suede Splash         Full size          RRP $19.95

ScentVery faint and light, not sure Burts beees lipstick swatch suede splashwhat it is exactly.
Texture Smooth and creamy. Light feeling.
PackagingLooks nice and is well textured. Plastic.
ApplicationBuildable with medium coverage.
Results – Well pigmented for a natural lipstick.

OverallThis is not a colour I would have ever brought but I actually don’t mind it in the swatch. I will do a full review on this later along with Lily Lake and the Lip Crayons.

Rituals---Sakura5. Rituals Sensational Foam Shower Gel

Full size 200ml           RRP $18.oo

I won’t be using this directly due to some of the ingredients so will only be giving my impressions.

ScentSmells amazing, very fragrant and feminine
Texture gel that turns to foam, pretty awesome!
PackagingSimilar to a dry shampoo size bottle and very sturdy
ApplicationSqueeze gel into hand and lather, foams on it’s own.

Overall – This smells wonderful and I am bummed that I will not be able to use it, but whoever does should enjoy it! The smell is beautiful and fresh.

nail-polish-stripnail-sticker-close-up6. Personail

Full size – 16 Wraps        RRP $18

Texture These are over prints, its hard to see but will review properly later.
PackagingComes ina little flip book and sealed insert as on right. Comes with mini file & cuticle stick.
Applicationpersonail-appResults These are handy, I will bring a full review later.

Overall – These are always good as they save time and often, though not in this case as they are decorative, can be an alternative to nail polish completely.

Lanolips hand balm1. Lanolips Everyday Hand Balm

Full size 120ml           RRP $22.95

I have received this before and gave it away as a do not generally use these. I gave it a shot this time after the Naobay. Ingredients here.lanolips hand balm swatch

ScentVery rich and feminine. Not unpleasant but heavy.
Texture a heavy cream. somewhat oily.
Packaging Plastic squeeze top tube.
ApplicationThis is a heavier cream and the scent will last, if that’s your thing.

Overall This is a good value product to receive, and runs with the apparent nail care and smelling pretty theme.

your-tea6.Your Tea – Her Tea

Full size = 60 Bags of tea    RRP $46.50

This really depends on a few things, if you like tea, if you like this tea, if you can even drink it. It is a strange offering but if considered the bonus item, it is a pretty good one!

Personally, I do like this tea though in all honesty I would not buy it, so I am happy to receive this in the box.

This is a super quick review of the contents. I will bring a full review on some of these products over the next few days, along with some more Naobay, Pacifica and Inika items.

There are a lot site updates going on in the background and information to come regarding the different certificates and what they really mean when it comes to ingredients and company standing.


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