Product Review

Naobay Orange Juice Hand Cream

Naobay-orange-juice-hande-creamI am in love with this hand cream and it has not left my computer desk since i opened it. This has been one of the first hand creams that i have actually continued to use. It is like big drink of water for my hands! Ingredients here.

Scent – It genuinely smells like fresh orange juice.
Texture – creamy, light and soft, no residue
Packaging –  sturdy matte plastic and strong wooden lid with a plastic insert. I would be comfortable keeping this in my handbag.
Application – a small squeeze is enough for your hands and nails. This is super light and absorbs quickly, not oily or any residue.naobay-hand-cream-swatch
Results – Legits softer straight away, but will do a proper review later.

Overall – Love it so much and have been using this everyday. The scent is fresh and minimal, not girly , heavy or floral like most. Your hands are not left with any oily residue or weird layer. This hand cream would last a long time as not much is needed. Being that i spend almost my whole day tapping away on the keyboard, I have noticed a difference in the last few days and will be buying this cream again. Hand creams have never been thing but I have been converted!


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