About this Blog

This blog is a work in progress and has been created out of a desire to share my experiences, both good and bad, in the search for quality organic products. Please be patient as this blog undergoes many changes and updates as the content grows.

A blog dedicated to natural and organic makeup & skin care discovered through subscription boxes and my own adventures. I hope to provide relevant and interesting product reviews & comparisons to help in your future decisions. If I can make the decision to transition to greener products easier by making even one purchase a positive experience, I feel my time has been well spent.

All products are paid for, sourced and reviewed out of my own money and time unless otherwise clearly stated.

Why am I doing this?

I have spent five years in solid transition from standard cosmetics to organic based and sustainable products. I have had many frustrations and wasted dollars during this time due to inferior products & greenwashing. I was never able to find the reviews I was after and after a while, I decided to put the products I have found and money wasted to good use. This has been the result.

Leaf used in Logo By Creatorid’immagine from the Noun Project.